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About us

LLC Production#1 was founded in 2013. For a short period of time the company has become an agency of a full cycle, which carries out projects from scratch to the full embodiment of a creative plan on the screen.

The creative team of Production#1, carries out works on creation of video content, art and documentaries, a casting of actors, scripts, does direction, shootings of documentary and feature films, commercials and music videos. Also, the company has equipment for an organization of video production and the assembly capacities, big base of actors and locations.

Furthermore, Production#1 comprehensively supports welfare projects, such as Slava Frolova’s ART PICNIC, an open-air displays of movies in Kiev, the project “The Ukrainian poetic summer”, the art project in cooperation with charity funds “Doors”, “our Bogdan”, “The Charter of goodness” and many others social ventures.

Cooperation with Production#1 gives pleasure to customers due to the openness of the team, unconventional approaches to work and the confidence of all participants of the process in the qualitative implementation of any project of any complexity.


  • Creation of full-length feature films.
  • Shooting promotional videos / ads.
  • Creating clips.
  • Management and analysis of existing projects.
  • Consulting.
  • Legal support.
  • Financial advice and accounting in accordance with Ukrainian legislation.
  • Search for financing.

What we do?


Concept creation & Ceative development






Location search


Production and logistict of shooting process


Editing of shot materials and post-production

Our projects


“Kobzar” — a documentary film-biography of Shevchenko’s book.

“Yesterday I will be seventeen” — a documentary with elements of the Holocaust feature film.

“My Boy” is a short film about the relationship between father and son, the debut directorial work of the famous Ukrainian actor Taras Denisenko. The tape entered the Short Film Corner (Cannes Film Festival 2016).

“Bird” — a documentary about the great actor of Ukraine Bogdan Stupka.

In collaboration with the young creative team BallsProduction

Alina Astrovskaya’s clip “Touch”

Vopli Vidoplyasova’s clip “Mana”

Mary Yaremchuk’s clip “To You”

Development stage

“Carol of the Bells” is a historical drama, detective story. The future film is a co-production of Canada, Ukraine, UK. For the first time the film will open to the world the history of “Carol of the Bells” creation and all secrets behind it.

“Shakespeare. War and Peace ”is a future documentary film on the ways of overcoming the post-war syndrome by veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian war (ATO) through participation in Shakespeare’s theatrical production “Twelfth Night”.


LLC “Production#1”, Kiev, Mechnikova 6, 01133, Registration code 38649588